The Fun Pursuit

Everybody around her was scrolling down the social network, the never ending pursuit to keep oneself amused and entertained at all times was progressing in full swing, from pictures that could crack them up to memes, gifs, trolls and bizarre videos, everything brand new enticing and captivating was accessible right at the tips of their fingers.

They kept tapping and scrolling and tapping and scrolling, occasionally smiling at their phones and showing them to each other. She sat there thinking to herself, ‘This is no fun, perhaps if I suggest a game that they all agree to, I could turn this boredom afflicted, insipid party around in a trice’. ‘Hey guys! How about we play dumb charades?’, she said fervidly, glancing at everyone trying to spot some sign of affirmation through their facial expressions and body language. But alas! Everybody appeared too busy web searching fun content, and just when it felt like her idea had fallen on deaf ears, one of her friends looked at her as if her words were fire giants besieging the Asgard of her mind, she sighed, and said, ‘Shut up Aditi! Nobody wants to play anything, stop saying stupid shit.’ The idea was heard after all.

The other friends laughed, they might have thought it was the best response to squelch the newfangled awkwardness. And briefly after, resumed their fun pursuit. She didn’t want to give up, for she sought after the real fun and looking into mobile devices was not cutting it. ‘How about some other game guys? Or… let’s talk about something?’, she tried again with a twinkle in her eyes and twice the emanating zeal. This time it was the brother, ‘Come on Di, what other game can we play now? Chill out!’ ‘I’m getting super bored you guys, Let’s do something? Anything but this!’ , Said she with hopes of rubbing off a glimmer of enthusiasm on at least one of her peers.

The boyfriend, peeved by her irksome persistence, nodded his head in disapproval and came off like a ton of bricks, ‘ Babe! Nobody wants to do any shit, nobody wants to play any game. So stop bothering us already.’ and he went back to tapping and scrolling on his smartphone. Startled by his outburst, feeling humiliated, she held back her tears, picked up her phone and started scrolling down the Facebook newsfeed. Silence prevailed in the room, while people kept having fun on their phones.